Week 6 reflection blog

Click on and check out the individual trends ALA sees as most impacting the library of the future. What do you think of these trends? Did you see something you hadn’t considered? Do you think they are missing anything important?  

I enjoyed browsing this website. The ALA trends are very thought-provoking. I haven’t heard of a few of these topics, and have not thought of some of them as trends.

On the society trends, I was very surprised and pleased to learn that privacy shifting is a trend. I think social media is so ingrained in many people’s lives that they don’t even think of the consequences of exposing their whereabouts online. I remember reading about robbers who would check people’s Facebook status. Then they would burglarize their houses because they knew that no one was home. Or the consequences of employers who routinely check in on their employees (or potential employees) through Facebook posts. This has caused people to lose their jobs, or not get hired.

I had never heard of flipped learning, and it’s an interesting concept. I like it because students get a preview of the course lessons and complete assignments together along with their teacher as a team. It’s the antithesis of pop quizzes and cramming for final exams.

Unplugged is a pleasant surprise to see as a trend. Technology seems to be everywhere all the time. As a society, we are always “on”. As described on their website, “In a world where information and technology are everywhere and ever-present, opportunities to unplug may become more essential, benefiting both professional and personal experiences”

Resilience as an environment trend was a surprise, considering that I don’t automatically think of libraries when I think of environmental disasters or terrorist attacks. It does makes sense, since libraries are often seen as a community hub. As that hub, we would need to pass on information to the public in the form of a disaster or recovery plans.

I don’t know if anything is missing or not covered in the trends. It’s very simple to contact the staff to make them aware of missing trends.  It’s nice to know that the ALA and Center for the Future of Libraries is paying close attention to the changing trends and to the needs of patrons.


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