Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging


Title:    Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging Audiobook

Author:  Louise Rennison

Publisher: Chivers Children’s Audio Books

ISBN:  9781402504655

About the author: from!/chezlouise/about-louise

Louise Rennison lives in Brighton, a place that she likes to think of as the San Francisco of the south coast. Which is sad as it is nothing like San Francisco, being mainly pebbles and large people in tiny swimming knickers who have gone bright red in the sun. Although she lives in Brighton in reality, in her mind she lives somewhere exotic with a manservant called Juan.

Plot— Georgia Nicolson is a 14-year-old who keeps a diary of her teenage antics. She is in love with 17-year-old Sex God Robbie (S.G.), is embarrassed by her parents, and has a wild pet cat named Angus. This is only the first year of her diary.

Critical Evaluation:

The audiobook version of Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging, is narrated by Stina Nelson. The book is Louise Rennisson’s comedic take on the life of the awkward and likeable 14-year-old Georgia Nicolson. She is angst-filled teenager with a cat named Angus, who goes to answer the door, “When I did get to the door, I had to go back and change my tights because my cat, Angus, had one of his “Call of the Wild” episodes.”

She has teen troubles like accidentally shaving off her eyebrows, or dressing up as an olive with a pimento for Halloween, and then getting locked out of her house…her misadventures are hilarious and downright relatable.

The story is narrated by Stina Nelson, who doesn’t effectively capture Georgia’s capriciousness. Her voice is a bit too sedate when talking about her snogging (full on kissing) Robbie the sex god. I pictured Georgia sounding like a teenager, with the high pitches, squeals and foot stomping attitude of a typical 14-year-old girl, like when Georgia says, “What an unbelievably brilliant night. Double cool with knobs. Robbie KISSED me. The Sex God has landed.” Nelson’s voice is missing the right tone of urgency.  She doesn’t properly capture the emotional tension and humor that the book conveyed.

She’s funny, easily embarrassed, a typical young teenager, stalking people with her friends. “Jackie Mathews has got a huge love bite on her neck…how inconspicuoso!! It’s HUGE! What has she been snogging with—a calf?”

Louise Rennisson’s character Georgia Nicolson is fun to read, but the choice of narrator left that special something lacking.  I wanted to enjoy the spunky attitude of Georgia, and the emotionally-intense but funny shenanigans. But what I got in Nelson’s voice was an all-to-polite and calm tone. Too calm to be Georgia.

Genre: coming-of-age, chick lit

Curriculum Ties: writing

Booktalking Ideas:  Have a discussion about the process of writing a diary. If you could keep a diary and write down anything you wanted to without anybody ever seeing it, would you? What would be the best/worst part of writing in a diary?

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  • Booklist Editors’ Choice – Books for Youth – Older Readers Category: 2000
  • Garden State Teen Book Awards (New Jersey): Fiction (Grades 9-12)
  • Virginia Readers’ Choice Award: High School (Grades 10-12)
  • YALSA Best Books for Young Adults: 2001
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