Girls Soundtrack Volume 1

Title:   Girls Soundtrack, Volume 1: Music from the HBO series

Lyrics, Voice, Mix, etc.: 

Aside from a couple of frenetic songs, most of the songs on this soundtrack are slow and calm. In Vampire Weekend’s I’m Going Down, we find a slow and upbeat tune. The Jenny Lewis single Completely Not Me is a pleasant and melodic tune. Finally, Wonderwall by Oasis is the cornerstone of the entire soundtrack. The mix and the lyrics complement each other very well.

Artist: Soundtrack, various artists

Label: Atlantic, 2014

Non-book identifiers: ASIN: B00JK32PCY

Ideas for talking about other materials to YA audiences: Listen to a song’s lyrics. How do you interpret them? What do you think the songwriter is trying to say with the song?

Curriculum: songwriting, creative writing

Interest Level: 16+

 Listener’s annotation:  Girls soundtrack is here, and it is full of slow hits including Wonderwall by Oasis.


Challenge Issues: explicit lyrics

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Why did you pick this for your collection?  

  • popular music in demand with young adults