Title: Minecraft

Plot Summary: Minecraft is a sandbox-based game where you build a world with the supplies and materials given to you. You can explore your world, find food, and discover abandoned buildings. The object of the game is to survive.

What It’s About:  There are two modes in Minecraft: creative and survival. Creative mode allows you to build shelters and gather supplies without the threat of dying from creepy creatures. Being in survival mode takes away the safety of creative mode.

Look, Features: Minecraft is a game made of basic building blocks.  With those blocks, you can build  anything imaginable. The controls are easy to maneuver, the graphics are clean, and it is a joy to play.

Creator/Producer: Mojang

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Ideas for talking about other materials to YA audiences: Minecraft is called a sandbox game. What is a sandbox game? What makes this game popular?

Interest Level:  12+

Player’s annotation: Minecraft is fun to play, but watch out for the skeletons and creepers!

Challenge Issues: violence

Challenge Resources 

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  • National Council of Teachers of English “Right to Read”
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Why did you pick this for your collection?  

  • VGX Award for Best Independent Game, 2011
  • popular video game