The Outsiders


Title:   The Outsiders

Author:  S.E. (Susan Eloise) Hinton

Publisher: Speak; Platinum ed. edition

ISBN: 9780142407332

 About the author: 

Susan Eloise Hinton (born July 22, 1948) is an American writer best known for her young-adult novels set in Oklahoma, especially The Outsiders, which she wrote during high school.In 1988 she received the inaugural Margaret Edwards Award from the American Library Association for her cumulative contribution in writing for teens.

While still in her teens, Hinton became a household name as the author of The Outsiders, her first and most popular novel, set in Oklahoma in the 1960s. She began writing it in 1965.The book was inspired by two rival gangs at her school, Will Rogers High School,the Greasers and the Socs, and her desire to show sympathy toward the Greasers by writing from their point of view.It was published by Viking Press in 1967, during her freshman year at the University of Tulsa.[9] Since then, the book has sold more than 14 million copies[7] and still sells more than 500,000 a year.

Hinton’s publisher suggested she use her initials instead of her feminine given names so that the very first male book reviewers would not dismiss the novel because its author was female. After the success of The Outsiders, Hinton chose to continue writing and publishing using her initials, because she did not want to lose what she had made famous, and to allow her to keep her private and public lives separate.


Critical Evaluation— 

The Greasers and the Socs are rival gangs. Ponyboy flees a melee. Ponyboy must do something courageous to redeem himself.  

Tone:Haunting; Menacing
Writing Style:Compelling; Gritty”

Character: authentic, believable, flawed,

storyline: character-driven

pace: ???

Tone: angst-filled, emotionally intense

writing style: compelling, gritty, engaging

Reader’s Annotation— 


“Genre:Books to movies; Classics; Realistic fiction

characters: “Characters: Ponyboy Michael Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, Dallas Winston, Darrel ‘Darry’ Curtis, Keith “Two-Bit” Mathews

Curriculum Ties—

modern teen classics

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